Monday, March 3, 2014


I have a love/hate relationship with this item in my house. On weeks when I get to ride my bike everyday and eat wonderfully healthy, I love it because it shows me numbers that I like to see. But on weeks when the weather is too cold and I have to exercise inside, or if I am not strict enough with what I eat, then I want to throw it out the window! Yup, right out the window, or maybe I'd stick it in the weekly garbage pickup to make sure I didn't have to see it again :). Anyway, with the weather cooperating some at the moment, I am ok with this piece of bathroom. 

When we got married, we got a scale, the kind the has the pointer that swings around to the number. It was all nice and cozy, cause it never got too specific. Then, when I started eating healthier, (I began 3 years ago with the Belly Fat Cure. That system taught me a whole new lifestyle that I love and got me to a weight that was my dream. I feel better and stronger!  I loved it! So, over the past three years, I have adapted it and tweaked it and figured it out to perfectly work with me. It's been a very good thing.) I guess I got stupid cause I went and purchased a digital scale that has a readout that goes to the tenth of a pound. It worked well as the pounds dropped, but now that I am just maintaining, and my weight can swing as much as a few pounds a day, the tenths accuracy level is not may favorite! HA!  But it all works out, and I can be happy at myself when I do what I am supposed to do! 

And good grief, it makes me feel better to eat healthy and exercise too! Go figure!

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