Tuesday, February 11, 2014


This dog thinks he is :). Some dogs drive people nuts, some dogs are "man's best friend". The latter would hold true here.

When our oldest was a year old, he would wander off chasing dogs because he loved them so much. He still loves animals, almost 15 years later. After chasing him several times, we decided we needed a dog to keep our child in the house ;). Dear hubby had never had a pet growing up, so this was a hard one for him. But bless his soul, he gave into another hair-brained idea of mine, and we got our first dog. We now have two Poodles, one of which is a toy variety and not worth her keep on most days - ha! We have trained and done everything possible to civilize her, but she still thinks whatever she wants to do is ok. It's not. At least she likes the kids holding her and will cuddle. That's her saving grace! 

The other Poodle is on the opposite end of the spectrum. He is perfect! You could never ask for a better dog!  We did our research on this one and found the perfect breeder. It was an amazing experience and we are blessed to have our sweet Reb. Hubby has never liked one of our dogs, but this one, oh, man, he seriously is his best friend!  It makes us all smile - he even hugs him! They go running together, they throw and catch outside, and they are together every second he is home. This dog is all of our best friend- he is close to each of us and is so observant. We also trained him and he will actually do everything that he should. He is the kind of dog we always dreamed of. It just doesn't get any better! If ever a dog was loved by his family, this one IS!

We are sure that he considers himself one of us, and to us, he is! 

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