Friday, February 14, 2014


Funny thing- time. 

It seems the toilet in our half bath got clogged. With little people who love to add toilet paper by the handfuls, it's no wonder!  No one bothered telling Mom- no one has to claim guilt and plunge it that way. 

I found this note taped to the flusher handle.

When asked about the sign, the littles replied that there was "NO TIME" to get the plunger and unplug the clogged toilet. HOWEVER, there WAS "time" to get a card from another room, write the note, and illustrate it! 

I wish I had known when this was all happening so I could have looked at the clock to time it!  

Makes me smile. It's moments like this that are priceless and give me energy to plunge the toilet myself, when need be :). 

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