Saturday, January 18, 2014

My Grove

We are a camping family, in our trailer, so if that's called "RVing" officially, oh well, we call it camping. Over the years we have had several trailers and motorhomes for our adventures. It seems we fix them up and then sell them. Maybe one day that will change. Maybe not. I would like to keep this new little one for a quick one night jot out of town and then have a larger motorhome for cross country trips. Our first motorhome was dubbed "The Blue Zoo", for obvious reasons. She now lives with a more mechanically minded family. My dream is to have another like her, but be a diesel pusher. Our first trip ever in her became my favorite trip of all time, and I found the best place on Earth! 

We visited the National Redwood Forest. The whole area was just wonderful, but one site specifically, has become my mental getaway. It is Stout Grove. Our children were intrigued to see the place where part of Star Wars was filmed, and I am not quite sure what I expected. I adore trees, so any place with "grove" in the name, sounded right up my alley. This spot exceeded more than I could have ever imagined or what I could have dreamed! We were there during off season, so we were pretty much the only ones there. It was perfect that way. When you walk down into the grove, the calm enfolds you. It is misty, cool, and quiet. But there are still noises- soft crackles from animals or the snap of pine needles as you walk along the path. You soften your voice and begin to talk about things that really matter. It was a magical time to share and smile and enjoy being together. There was just something indescribable about it, like you were in another world. Everyone clicked and together was the best place to be. I don't think I will ever forget that feeling- we all felt it. We have since been back again, and it was the same experience.

On crazy days, I wish that I could pull together the space of land that separates me from this grove. That's just not possible; however, I am sometimes tempted to get us all in the car and drive to that spot where the asphalt ends. To compensate for living states away from Stout Grove, I have searched for our own grove, at home. In the winter, the place has become apparent, it is our hearth. 

This is the place we gather, around a roaring fire usually, to talk, to share, to visit, and to smile and laugh. Sometimes to cry, happy or sad tears. Talk becomes more "quiet", although nothing in my home seems quiet, we talk about things that really matter. Things that bring us together and make us a tighter-knit family. We share struggles and work to overcome them, we laugh about funny occurrences during our days, and smile at memories we have made together. There is nothing magical about this hearth, but magic still happens here, nonetheless. We find peace and safety here, all gathered round. I hope we all have our own groves where we can have this special time and feel the inner calm that it brings. I have mine, not only states away, but also right here, right in front of me.

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