Friday, January 17, 2014

Glad to be... a nobody!

It seems funny to say, but I am sure glad that I am a "nobody". At least, a nobody as the world views it. I am very most definitely a SOMEBODY to those who matter most in life- my sweet family and friends and those around me for whom I try to make a difference. But here's why I am glad I am a nobody...

I can walk in a grocery store and just stand and listen to the hum of the lights and the soft talk of the customers. I can shop and enjoy reading labels and gathering produce without worry or bother.

I can go to a deserted beach on the Oregon coast and have it stay deserted while we are there- running and playing in the freezing ocean, gathering sea shells and finding sea creatures in the tide pools. I can feel peace and tranquility without interruption.

I can put on my grubbies and work on restoring my second tiny trailer- this one is a 10' 1965 Travelier. It is the cutest trailer ever, can sleep 6, and is in impeccable shape inside. Not too much ripping out to be done, but when I do, I don't have to worry about who is watching and what they are thinking, cause I'm just plain ole me!

I don't mind being what the world views as unimportant because I am particularly important and vital to those I care for, those I love, and those whose lives I touch. Being right where I am, doing the small things I do, I make a difference. A difference that will matter long after the six o'clock news fades, long after the rock stars get old, and long after the mansions crumble. I am not perfect by any stretch of imagination, but I am me, and that is what I do best! I want to make life better for those around me and try to become a better person in the process. If I can do that, I will accomplish my goal. So I guess being a nobody is not too bad after all :).

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