Saturday, January 25, 2014


I am so ready to be DONE with the yuckies I have had for a month now! That is a massive understatement! I thought I was almost better- been doing more and more each day, but yesterday I pushed it too far, and it hit me head first again, so I am almost right back to square one! Not. even. cool!

Here's how ya feel with this thing-
(It's the kiddos favorite card from our loved game Ooga Booga, and when you play this card you have to make an "bulgh"sound!)

How in the world are you supposed to have time to get sick when you're a mom?? There is no room in the schedule for that- least of all for a month! I've been on meds, had test run, and even gotten fluids from the doctors. They tell me it's a virus that mimics flu, except without the organ killing side affects. Well, at least that part is good. But the won't go away part is what is getting me!I have a horrid sinus infection on top of it, the worst one in my life, to boot. Ah, the joy!

I tend to lean on Western medicine, but I also have a few other secrets up my sleeve. I pulled pulled them all out for this one, and still no go! I guess it's back to decreasing some of the lists on my calendar so I can have more "get better" time! UGH! That is so not the right answer! Well, I MUST get back to normal- whatever that is :)- so I'm pulling out the calendar once again!

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